Biodiversity of the Far Eastern Regio

Abundance of dendroflora species

Rhododendron redowskianum

Ledum decumbens

         One of the three model objects taken for the purposes of assessing the territorial biodiversity of an ecoregion were arboreal plants. They represent a well-studied collective non-taxonomic group comprising species from various families, whose above-ground shoots become to a certain extent lignified.
         All told, 356 species of arboreal plants are known for the Far-Eastern ecoregion.
         The biggest center of dendroflora diversity in the Far-Eastern ecoregion is highlighted by the authors within evpacific broad-leaved forests of the Southern Primorie. Forest communities of the western Primorie are also featured by the abundance of arboreal plants (subpacific broad-leaved forests), along with evpacific taiga forests of Sikhote-Alin and Maly Khingan forests (subpacific sub-broad-leafed forests).